To the editors:

Regarding your Al Hofeld “interview” [February 21] I haven’t seen so many softballs lobbed since being in Grant Park last summer. You call those questions?

Hofeld said he voted in only three of the past nine primaries because he didn’t think there were real choices.

No real choices? The 1988 Illinois Democratic presidential primary included liberal Paul Simon, a man whose gubernatorial campaign Hofeld says he ran in Evanston in 1972; populist Jesse Jackson, perhaps one of the most popular African-American political leaders of all time; moderate Al Gore, a much-respected southern senator; and Michael Dukakis, the eventual Democratic nominee. Where were interviewer Hawking’s follow-up questions to Hofeld’s hogwash?

Hofeld said the system let him down. So why not question why he didn’t run for office at the time–or any time since? Why not ask why Hofeld’s waited until now to run a campaign not evidently supported by the masses, but rather by his millions?

Finally, Hofeld said he could not name one senator he has admired. Not one! And Hawking didn’t respond?!

This is the type of reportorial pabulum I expect from People not the Reader. If I want slick, unchallenged statements from Al Hofeld all I have to do is turn on my TV.

Nancy Gohla

N. Magnolia