To the editors:

Do Chicagoans really need to struggle over casino gambling? [“Daley’s Crapshoot,” November 20] Will people buy into this? Is it wrong of Daley to try and sway people into this? Is it because of the recession that people want this? I believe that gambling is wrong. I believe it will bring many negatives. We will need more police, jails, and treatment for addicted gamblers. Daley should think about all the stuff that will come along with gambling. All the related things, like mob crimes, drugs, prostitution, and gangs. You will have high crimes, some sleazy characters coming to Chicago. Chicago will be looked at negatively by tourists.

Daley said the schools will benefit greatly, up to one billion dollars from gambling taxes to schools, but Daley didn’t say that if the casinos don’t make billions, the schools will be badly harmed, because Daley is using some school funds. I just don’t really believe that this is the best way to create jobs.

With all the slot machines, I can’t see how it can help so many people. The money-swallowing machines won’t need health-care benefits or insurance! Once casino gambling is here there’s no possible reverse. We need jobs and training for long-term positions, so that we have skilled people everywhere.

Linda Porter

N. Ravenswood