[snip] Bush legacy watch. From David Charter, writing in the Times of London: “The unprecedented number of troops who are returning from Iraq with missing limbs has given the US Paralympic Team an unexpected recruitment boost and the chance to become ‘unbeatable’ at the next Games in Beijing in 2008. More than 60 potential recruits have already been identified in sports as varied as powerlifting, archery and table tennis.”

[snip] It’s not a conversation if only one side has to give up its assumptions. Georgetown University Press just released Anglican bishop Kenneth Cragg’s new book, The Qur’an and the West, and the press’s blurb reads: “Cragg argues that the West must put aside a ‘spiritual imperialism’ that draws on western prescripts alien to Muslims and ‘learn to come within’ Islam. Only then can a conversation begin that can relieve the misunderstandings and suspicion that have grown between Islam and the West since 9/11.”

[snip] Double standard. Veteran local conservative commentator Tom Roeser writes in his blog that Kathy Salvi, a Republican candidate for Congress from the northwest suburbs, ought to drop out of politics because “a mother should be home with her kids; gender roles are not switchable.” Funny, I don’t remember him condemning welfare-to-work programs on those grounds.