[snip] Why the police are never around when you want them. Francine Washington, who lives in the last high-rise in Stateway Gardens, which is near U.S. Cellular Field, tells the Chicago Reporter (July/August): “You’ve got 100 police officers coming down [on home-game nights] for all these white folks coming to the game. And, yet and still, we can’t get one person to come over here to Stateway. Hell yeah, I’m pissed.”

[snip] In case of emergency, this brief FAA report on O’Hare’s air-traffic-control system will serve as your flotation device. In an October 4 press release the National Air Traffic Controllers Association blasted a 12-paragraph, 703-word “memo-like statement” the FAA released after spending a month investigating problems at O’Hare. According to NATCA, the statement found that Chicago’s “unique operating procedures created an excessive workload on controllers. Yet the solution the report proposes is not to add any more controllers, but to add more supervisors, who do not control traffic. The report was released just weeks after supervisor ranks at the facility swelled from 10 to 16, including four pulled from controller positions, leaving just 66 fully trained controllers on duty when the FAA authorized total for the facility is 101.”