[snip] “We couldn’t find an area in Chicago where there weren’t coyotes,” Ohio State University wildlife researcher Stanley Gehrt tells world-science.net. He estimates that somewhere between several hundred and 2,000 of the animals live in the metropolitan area, in packs of half a dozen or so. They prey at night on rodents and Canada goose eggs and live much longer than their country cousins.

[snip] All the news that fits. Amazingly, writes Christopher Hayes in In These Times, most New Yorkers supported the transit strikers, despite media opprobrium. “The news media doesn’t talk about solidarity; it employs the assured and peppy tone that speaks to the individual consumer: After the break: We’ll tell you how the strike will affect your morning commute. Solidarity is the opposite of news you can use. No wonder the local media missed the real story. It hinged on a concept that is not part of its vocabulary.”