[snip] Basketball doesn’t have to be for dummies. Of the eight top-ranked schools in the Division I men’s college basketball championship tournament, only two–Villanova and Duke–meet the NCAA’s minimum academic standards (roughly a 60 percent graduation rate), according to information compiled at thinkprogress.org/march-madness. Ohio State, Memphis, UCLA, Texas, UConn, and Tennessee do not. Overall, 30 of this year’s 65 best basketball schools don’t meet the minimum standard; all three Illinois schools in the tournament do.

[snip] God’s glass ceiling. According to U.S. Catholic, one proposal under consideration in the Church of England “would allow women bishops, but parishes opposed to the idea could opt out of a female bishop’s jurisdiction . . . [and] answer to an alternate, male bishop on most matters.”

[snip] Incredibly hard workers or incredibly efficient parasites? The Center for American Progress notes that “since the 2003 tax cuts, real average weekly earnings have fallen . . . from $554.92 in May 2003 to $550.60 in Dec. 2005. . . . But the top executives of America’s 500 largest companies were, on average, insulated from this trend. They received an aggregate pay raise of 54 percent in 2005.”

[snip] Gay Republicans will be out of luck either way. According to thebeaconjournal.com, a state legislator from Youngstown, Ohio, responded to antigay bills by proposing to “ban households with one or more Republican voters from adopting children or acting as foster parents,” because research supposedly shows that children raised in such households are at risk for developing “inflated egos” and an “alarming lack of tolerance for others they deem different.”