[snip] They got one thing right–climate models aren’t perfect. Unfortunately for us, ExxonMobil and the “think tanks” it’s paid for were wrong about the direction of the error. Michael Schlesinger, atmospheric sciences professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, says we now know the climate models were too conservative. “Not only are the Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets melting much faster than the models predicted, measurements show a significant freshening (influx of fresh water) of the North Atlantic Ocean and a 30 percent reduction of North Atlantic circulation within the past 50 years,” which could shut down the Gulf Stream and lead to disastrous cooling in Europe. “What we are seeing is very worrisome. It is now clear that we have no time to spare–we must act immediately.”

[snip] Things even Larry Summers wouldn’t say. “When people talk about cultural changes that would entice more women into science, they always mean changes to nerd culture,” writes Ontario-based blogger Scott Aaronson. “Sure, there are nerds who could stand to shower more often, read more Shakespeare and less Slashdot, etc. But there are also plenty of ‘normals’ who could stand to follow a chain of logic to an inconvenient conclusion, unsheath their sarcasm swords when confronted with idiocy, and judge people more by the originality of their ideas than by whether their clothes match.”

[snip] Ignorance or bigotry? Garry Wills points out in a review of Harvey Mansfield’s book Manliness in the New York Review of Books: “For one so interested in classical ideas, Mansfield is oddly silent on the subject of homosexuality. The most manly of ancient warriors were the Spartans, who fought with their male lovers by their side. Are they Mansfield’s ideal of manliness? If so, why is he silent about them? If not, he should tell us why they do not qualify. He speaks often of Plato and the erotic charms of philosophy, but never mentions Plato’s concept of homosexuality as a step on the ladder to that high ideal.”