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[snip] One way to get right-wingers to love energy conservation. A poster at suggests a grand compromise involving alternative energy, nukes, CAFE standards, and drilling for domestic oil: “Personally, conservation mandates offend my sensibilities, but in the name of draining the Iranian bank accounts I could probably be convinced.” –Harold Henderson |

[snip] Everything old is new again. “While finding a date has never been easier, finding a future spouse has become much more challenging,” write sociologists Arnout van de Rijt and Vincent Buskens in a recent issue of Rationality and Society. “The rise of the market for short-term relationships has jeopardized the market for long-term relationships. . . . Those who desire more than casual intimacy can no longer be certain that the other has similar desires.” Their solution? “Embeddedness,” meaning the people you can trust most are those who have a lot of the same friends and acquaintances. –HH

[snip] The exploding income gap. From the Economic Policy Institute ( “At the current minimum wage of $5.15 per hour it took a full 52-week year of work to earn what the average CEO earned before lunch on the first day of the year.” –HH

[snip] Reality check. Rick Shenkman notes at “The Pentagon says that at best it can train an additional 5 to 7,000 new [U.S.] troops a year over and above what it has already planned for. Thus, it would take several years to raise troop strength by 35,000, the new goal. At the same time the Pentagon is bragging about having ‘trained’ some 100,000 Iraqi troops in the past twelve months or so.” –HH