[snip] Shall we overcome? “Black Chicagoans are more concentrated in heavily populated black areas now than they were in the years leading up to King’s [1966] Chicago campaign,” writes Jeff Kelly Lowenstein in the Chicago Reporter. “The number of communities that were at least 90 percent black tripled between 1960 and 2000,” according to census data. “And the percentage of the city’s black residents living in those communities grew from 41 percent to 55 percent.”

[snip] “Nature is astonishingly cruel. Science, by contrast, has the power of mercy.” That’s the response of Minette Marin at timesonline.co.uk to the news that a procedure called preimplantation genetic haplotyping can now be used to screen embryos for 6,000 diseases and conditions, including really nasty ones like Huntington’s disease and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

[snip] “Democrats are lame, feckless, timid, and hopelessly divided. . . . You’ll never fall flat at a Washington party by repeating this bit of conventional wisdom,” writes Amy Sullivan in the Washington Monthly. “So it is that the Democrats can be ‘hopelessly divided’ while voting together 88 percent of the time, according to Congressional Quarterly, just one percentage point lower than the vaunted lock-step Republican caucus. They can be ‘pathetically ineffective’ while dealing a humiliating defeat to the president’s biggest domestic policy effort [Social Security reform]. They can be deemed ‘weak’ and ‘timid’ while setting the terms of the debate for pulling troops out of Iraq.”

[snip] Defining the threat. David Batstone writes at sojo.net, “I simply cannot understand why so many evangelicals consider same-sex marriage as the prime threat to the virtue of heterosexual families. Honestly, which has ruined more marriages: The extramarital affairs that are so brazenly celebrated on Desperate Housewives or the decision of two men or two women who love each other to make their lifelong commitment public?”

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