[snip] MBA deathwatch. “As I plowed through my shelfload of bad management books,” writes former management consultant Matthew Stewart in the Atlantic, “I beheld a discipline that consists mainly of unverifiable propositions and cryptic anecdotes, is rarely if ever held accountable, and produces an inordinate number of catastrophically bad writers. . . . In a sense, management theory is what happens to philosophers when you pay them too much.”

[snip] “These days we don’t surrender to teachers, to clergy, to physicians, to the traditional authority figures,” William Doherty, author of Take Back Your Kids, tells U.S. Catholic. “We view them as working for us. But the people who select our kids for teams and can supply these great once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we do surrender to them. Parents who will ream a teacher out for giving too much homework or for giving their kid a ‘B’ will not question the coach who says, ‘All the three-day weekends this year are going to be spent at tournaments.'”