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[snip] “In recent years, the stress of hotel work has increased with the ‘amenity war’ among luxury hotels,” writes David Moberg in In These Times. “Starwood, the proprietor of Sheraton, Westin, W and other brands, kicked off the competition with its ‘heavenly beds,’ made of far heavier mattresses and more pillows and bedding for workers to handle every day.”

[snip] Albert Camus has a message for the Middle East, and world leaders in general, in his argument against replying in kind to terrorist attacks (quoted by Joseph Frank in the New Republic): “I hope that we will respond to murder with nothing other than justice, so as to avoid doing irreparable harm,” he wrote as the French were on the verge of retaliating for an Algerian massacre of French settlers. “Do you truly want to be hated by millions of people, as you have hated thousands of others? If so, let things continue on their present course.”