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[snip] Can any politico be this honest and get elected president? Jacob Weisberg at “At a magazine conference this week in Phoenix, I watched David Remnick of The New Yorker interview Obama on a stage. Obama declined to deeply regret his much-publicized youthful indiscretions with drugs. He suggested that believing in angels is a sign of irrationality. And he acknowledged that his wife doesn’t like his choice of careers.” –Harold Henderson |

[snip] So what’s real persecution? Seventh Circuit federal appellate judge Richard Posner earlier this year reversed and smacked down an immigration court judge who denied asylum to an Albanian dissident because he hadn’t been politically persecuted. He’d merely suffered, according to Posner’s decision, “two detentions with beatings, a gunshot intended to intimidate, threatening phone calls, the kidnapping of a child, and another threat.” –HH