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[snip] Capital punishment for adultery–that’s the biblical way. But as Ronald S. Hendel, a professor of Hebrew Bible and Jewish studies at the University of California at Berkeley points out, the Bible defines adultery narrowly, only as a man having sex with a woman who’s married or engaged. If a man has sex with an unmarried woman he must marry her, regardless of whether he’s already married. “So Bill Clinton would not have to be stoned to death, but Hillary would have to put up with Monica for a long time” (Bible Review, October, reprinted in Martin Marty’s “Context,” December).

[snip] Adapt or die. Michael Lind writes in the Nation (December 20), “In a country in which most working-class Americans drive cars and own homes in the suburbs, the left fetishizes urban apartments and mass transit and sneers at ‘sprawl.’ In an economy in which most workers are in the service sector, much of the left is obsessed with manufacturing jobs. . . . In a culture in which the media industry makes money by pushing sex and violence, the left treats the normalization of profanity and obscenity as though it were somehow progressive, making culture heroes of Lenny Bruce and Larry Flynt. At a time when the religious right wants to shut down whole areas of scientific research, many on the left share a Luddite opposition to biotech. . . . And in a world in which the greatest threat to civilization is the religious right of the Muslim countries, much of the left persists in treating the United States as an evil empire and American patriotism as a variant of fascism.”