[snip] Room for negotiation. The cost of allowing reimportation of pharmaceuticals, according to President Bush’s drug-importation task force: a $1.1-billion cutback in drug-industry research and development. The profits recorded by the Fortune 500 drug companies in 2002, according to Marcia Angell’s The Truth About the Drug Companies: $35.9 billion (American Progress Action Fund “Talking Points,” December 22).

[snip] Hi, I’m your alderman, and I’m here to serve and glorify the mayor. According to Dick Simpson, a former alderman who now teaches political science at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the number of divided roll-call votes in the City Council in one year at the height of Mayor Richard J. Daley’s power was 114. The number of divided roll-call votes in the council under Mayor Richard M. Daley from May 7, 2003, to November 15, 2004, was 9 (December 16 UIC press release).