[snip] As others see us. “My taxi driver to the Frankfurt airport was an Iranian refugee,” writes Sara Paretsky, describing a recent trip in the ACLU’s Illinois Brief. “He is a devout Muslim who fled Iran to protect himself and his wife from state-imposed religious and moral standards. ‘Why does America want to rule by religion?’ he asked. ‘Religion makes a cruel government.'”

[snip] “Diluting what little there is left of the Democratic brand seems a poor marketing idea,” writes Christopher Hayes in In These Times. “When someone proves initially unreceptive to an evangelizer’s pitch, the young missionary doesn’t then say, ‘Well, would you be interested in converting if you didn’t have to believe in Jesus?”

[snip] “I know where stage left is–most architects don’t,” John Morris tells Focus, newsletter of the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects, discussing his design of Lookingglass Theatre at the Water Tower Water Works.