[snip] Back when the Supreme Court was a force for good. Princeton University economist Orley Ashenfelter and colleagues evaluate the impact of Brown v. Board of Education in a National Bureau of Economic Research paper: “When we examine the income of male workers in 1990, we find that southern-born blacks who finished their schooling just before effective desegregation occurred in the South fared poorly compared to southern-born blacks who followed behind them in school by just a few years.”

[snip] Convenient ambivalence. “The University of Chicago has just supplied us with a number of bathrooms for those ‘uncomfortable’ about classifying themselves within the hegemonic taxonomies of bourgeois heteronormativity,” reports Matthew Rose, as quoted in First Things magazine. “The new bathrooms are private and much nicer than the bathrooms for those of us who have timidly accepted the social construction of our maleness or femaleness. They are so much nicer, in fact, that I use them regularly. When I was confronted…I simply replied, ‘I’m not comfortable calling myself a man on this campus.'”