[snip] “Religious enthusiasm is not all bad,” writes Katha Pollitt in the Nation. “Like love or political activism, it can help troubled souls transform their lives. And if what we’re looking at is an America with an ever-larger and boxed-in working class and tighter competition for high-paying jobs among the elite, fundamentalism is exactly the thing to manage decline: It schools the downwardly mobile in making the best of their lot while teaching them to be grateful. . . . It removes from the pool of potential scientists and other creative professionals vast numbers of students.”

[snip] Question of the week. “Atrios” (www.atrios.blogspot.com) asks, in view of leading Republicans’ lack of enthusiasm for the antipork campaign being waged by some conservatives in the wake of Katrina: “Would YOU have the guts to get between Dennis Hastert and a bacon sandwich?”