[snip] What they need is a good hurricane. According to a recent Urban Institute report, more than half of recently released prisoners who return to Chicago wind up in just seven neighborhoods: Austin, North Lawndale, East Garfield Park, West Englewood, Humboldt Park, Roseland, and Auburn Gresham. Less than a quarter said they had access to adult education programs.

[snip] “Children learn the fragility of flowers by touching their petals,” writes educator Lowell Monke in Orion. “They learn to cooperate by organizing their own games. The computer cannot simulate the physical and emotional nuances of resolving a dispute during kickball, or the creativity of inventing new rhymes to the rhythm of jumping rope. . . . Having watched Discovery Channel and worked with computer simulations that severely compress both time and space, children are typically disappointed when they first approach a pond or stream: the fish aren’t jumping, the frogs aren’t croaking, the deer aren’t drinking. . . . Their electronic experiences have led them to expect to see these things happening–all at once and with no effort on their part.”