[snip] Abstinence makes the, uh, heart grow fonder. “There is no evidence at all that telling kids not to fool around has any more impact when the message is promoted by schools than it does when parents say the same thing at home,” writes Arthur Caplan of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania at msnbc.com. “Eleven states have tried to evaluate their abstinence-only programs and the results have been dismal. . . . Evaluators of the Texas program found the same thing. . . . In fact, more students reported having had sex after taking an abstinence-only sex ed course than they did beforehand.”

[snip] Killer boyfriends. Patricia Schnitzer of the University of Missouri and Bernard Ewigman of the University of Chicago studied 149 Missouri children who died of inflicted injuries between 1992 and 1999. According to a report in a recent Pediatrics, they found that “children residing in households with unrelated adults were nearly 50 times as likely to die of inflicted injuries than children residing with 2 biological parents” or children residing with a single parent. Most killers were male.

[snip] Now there’s a case for suburban “snout houses.” Reason Express wonders if the French riots will cause American city planners to think twice “before simply assuming that Euro-style living is the best thing ever. Or to put it bluntly, would some front-load garages come in handy when the New Urbanist, pedestrian-friendly on-street parking is just a bull’s-eye for a firebomb?”

[snip] Why is South Korea pulling ahead in stem-cell research? According to David Plotz in Slate, it’s not merely that Koreans revere scientists and are less burdened by fundamentalism. “Korean scientists [such as world-leading cloner Hwang Woo-suk] work much harder than Americans. At Hwang’s lab, everyone works every day of the week and holidays. This is not hyperbole. Hwang never takes a vacation, and neither do his underlings. . . . This research is repetitive, tedious, and factorylike. It rewards the persistent. Hwang’s lab cloned and transferred more than 1,000 embryos into 123 dogs to make a single cloned puppy.”

[snip] “Sex before marriage is a sin against God,” writes Bill S. at http://blogs.salon.com/0002874/2005/10/18.html#a1929. “On the other hand, abortion is wrong because life is precious, and children are a blessed gift from God. Ergo, if a child is conceived out of wedlock, God is rewarding someone with a precious gift for committing a si–oh, wait, that doesn’t make any sense.”