[snip] “Slob is the new slut,” writes Lindsay Beyerstein in her blog, majikthise.typepad.com. “I’m a huge believer in . . . not caring about tidiness and not cultivating any special skills to produce domestic order. One of the ways society controls women is by setting unrealistic bourgeois aesthetic standards and foisting them on women. One way women can resist the patriarchy is by rejecting these standards as unreasonable. If you don’t let other people shame you for your sex life, don’t let them shame you about ironing the sheets, either.”

[snip] Former Illinois Commerce Commission chairman Martin Cohen can tell you why. According to the Center for Public Integrity, just 7 of the 199 state utility regulators across the country have had extensive experience as consumer watchdogs.

[snip] “To my generation, the church has always been the People of God,” writes Tara Dix in U.S. Catholic. “The priest has always faced the congregation, the Mass has always been said in the vernacular, and many of us girls were even altar servers. So every time I hear someone bemoaning the fact that the church hasn’t kept the promises of Vatican II or that the clock has been turned back, I think it’s about time somebody opened up another window and let in some new fresh air because the reformers are getting stale.”