[snip] Mom, if we boil this book will it taste better? Some 6,500 Africans die of AIDS every day and 300 million live on less than a dollar a day. The solution, according to a September 9 press release from the suburban-based Bible League: “Provide 350,000 Bibles for Africans.”

[snip] Why the SUV’s days are numbered. From the October 1 Science: Paleontologists have found that species of dogs that evolved into larger and more efficient predators tend to disappear from the fossil record more rapidly than other animals. Once a species reached this “hypercarnivore” level, individuals needed so much food they became vulnerable to extinction.

[snip] More people are coming here because they want to and fewer because they have to. The Illinois Bureau of Tourism reported in August that Illinois received a record-setting 84.9 million domestic visitors last year. “The growth in visitors was led solely by the leisure travel segment (+7.6 percent), outweighing a 9.3 percent decline in business travel. Overall, U.S. leisure travel grew 5.7 percent and business travel remained flat.”

[snip] The next time a right-winger complains about the so-called “death tax,” think Scrooge. In July the Congressional Budget Office published a report, “The Estate Tax and Charitable Giving,” which found that if the estate tax had been repealed in 2000 charitable donations that year would have been reduced by 6 to 11 percent, or by $13 billion to $25 billion. As the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities put it in an August 3 commentary, “The estate tax acts as a powerful incentive in encouraging affluent Americans to donate more to charity than they otherwise would.”