To the Editor:

Forget that Mancow is a doughy, sophomoric, cowardly imp. Forget that most of his audience are impressed by that. What’s most disturbing about the March 31 cover story on Mancow Muller is not the subject, but Grant Pick’s self-serving attempt to make us feel that really, underneath it all, Mancow’s a caring guy. He reports that Mancow always has time for his fans, that Mancow raises money for charity, and of course that Mancow loves his family. Pick justifies his own guilty pleasure of listening and wants us to affirm him, downplaying (in his own words) “more serious trouble.” He somehow fails to report that Keith Van Horne’s alleged accosting was proven completely baseless. Muller’s defamatory attacks and Irma Blanco’s fictitious news reports hurt a guy who actually cares.

Jeff Cohen