Notes on the condition of sidewalks 4400 to 4560 North Lincoln (surveyed Thursday, January 4, 2001):

Sulzer Library. Good. But what’s the point of stopping at the curb? They should clear the snow from the walkways leading out to the street–and clear that small no-man’s-land between the library and Montrose. If the library doesn’t do it, who will?

Welles Park. Poor. It appears this was plowed once upon a time, but it hasn’t been touched since the last snowfall. The sidewalk is completely snow packed.

Rumors Bar and Grille. Fair. An excellent job directly in front is marred by sloppy work on the sides and on the long walk out to Sunnyside.

Waring Industrial Tool Service. Good.

Mail Boxes Etc. Good.

Villa Kula. Good.

Simplon Orient Express. Good.

Krepp’s Optical. Fair.

Oprish Insurance and Investments. Fair.

Winners Sports Bar and Grill. Excellent.

National Soccer League. Poor.

(There’s a For Sale sign in the window.)

Old Town School of Folk Music. Excellent.

Niedersachsen Club. Fair. (I haven’t seen a soul go in or out in seven years, but most of the snow is gone.)

Dental Innovations. Good.

Daily Bar & Grill. Fair. Peters out away from the front door.

Starbucks Coffee. Poor. Good cleanup in front but the shoveled walk gets narrower as you go east on Wilson. The last 20 feet, adjacent to the parking lot, are almost impassable. Many pedestrians take their chances in the street.

Fleet Feet Sports. Fair. “Coming spring 2001,” the sign says, so maybe the landlord’s at fault for this lackadaisical effort.

Uptown National Bank. Fair. Probably the same landlord, but that’s no excuse–give that guard a shovel.

4545 N. Lincoln. Poor. The word is Michael Cullen, owner of Cullen’s Bar & Grill and the Mercury Theater on Southport, plans to put a 200-seat playhouse in this shuttered bakery.

Karl H. Riehn Insurance Agency. Good. Handicapped by the trail of snow tracked from Cullen’s sidewalk.

She She Restaurant. Good. A large patch of ice in the center of the sidewalk mars an otherwise excellent job. (The place was closed for vacation.)

Grecian Taverna. Excellent.

City parking lot. Good. But it took the city many days to get there.

Glass Art and Decorative Studio. Good.

Erik Godvik & Associates. Fair.

Stamelos Clinic for Orthopedic Disorders. Poor. The corner entrance is nicely shoveled but walks on both sides are covered with ice. Without a doubt the most slippery stretch in two blocks. (Could they be trying to drum up business?) Like the Starbucks down the street, and thousands of other businesses, the parking lot is clear while the sidewalks remain a mess.

–Jack Clark