Dear Reader:

In the November 29 edition’s “In Performance” [Calendar], Jack Helbig describes how post-eating-disorder performance artist and sometimes improviser Abby Schachner became who she is. However, he is misinformed about what was described as her first “solo show.” This production at Zebra Crossing was an ensemble with six actors; Abby’s “Belts” scene was a small portion of the show, yet the Reader grossly inaccurately suggests that this one scene was the entire production. To be fair to the actors who were snubbed, I think next time Jack should get his facts straight.

Patrick Ney

W. Shakespeare

Jack Helbig replies:

Abby Schachner’s first professional solo performance, “Belts,” was one piece among many in the improv and sketch comedy show Citizens for Elvis. Thanks for the clarification.