Dear Sirs,

I would like to write you to both thank you for the recent “Panic in Wicker Park” [August 26] and to chastise you for engaging in sound bite mania.

I would call your attention to the careful use of quotation marks in the caption to my photograph, to remove my comments from their rightful context. I accused no one group of any wrongful acts or intentions. Those words in quotation, while accurately reported, were directed at those persons, whomever they may be, that are responsible for creating the air of fear that has surrounded ATC in the last year and a half or so. I singled out no individuals or groups as being responsible for the authorship of those letters. In fact I believe them to be the result of one or two people carrying out a personal agenda of whatever nature.

I have always been personally supportive of my neighbors. Whether they are local businesses present before we opened our doors, or recent additions to the community. My support for the Lumpen Times is evidenced by my distributing their paper when there was a public campaign to have them removed from circulation and my advertising in their publication despite the controversy surrounding them. I have never had a beef with the Autonomous Zone. In fact, being the product of open format schooling myself, I applaud them greatly for the scope of their vision, and understand the difficulty they face in achieving their goals. My support for and understanding of the purpose behind Around the Coyote has remained unwavering from its very inception.

It is unfortunate that a situation that is the result of irresponsible actions should be made worse by this kind of careful Sound Biting. Andy Sickle’s quote can be carried over to this exact kind of manipulation of context on the Reader’s part. I hope that my neighbors and friends will understand that my personal and professional support for their efforts remains solid and unflagging. Hey Ed, it’s not my fault.

With Pen/Sword in Hand,

Tom Handley

Urbus Orbis