Your article of February 20, 1998, “No Room at the Inn” [Neighborhood News], is aptly named. As was the case centuries ago, fear and suspicion among those that have appear to be closing the door on those that have not. Take note, Lakeview residents: the door is swinging closed, not only on 30 or 40 women trying to pull their lives together and rejoin the community as productive citizens, but also on you. As “No Room at the Inn” points out, Alderman Terry Gabinski has given South Lakeview Neighbors (SLN) the power to decide who is and is not welcome in Lakeview. On this issue, to date 194 SLN members have gone on record: 78 for and 116 against permitting Saint Alphonsus to open its doors to Deborah’s Place. What the article doesn’t report is the fact that Alderman Gabinski has been presented with some 700 signatures of support for Saint Alphonsus/Deborah’s Place from residents living within SLN boundaries–and still says it’s up to South Lakeview Neighbors. What’s wrong with this picture, Lakeview residents, and what are we willing to do about it?

Sharon Johnson