To the editors and the public:

The November 18, 1994, edition of the Reader included a letter from a Jonathan Pollack of South Dearborn in which Mr. Pollack fashioned himself as standing up for Tower Records’ classical music department because of its great selection of media (music, magazines, etc) but deemed our clerks, even in classical, his only interest, laughably opinionated at best. Also, in the “shit music department,” those of us indulging in various forms of body art are only worth the time it takes to check your merchandise out and send you on your merry-bigoted way. Mr. Pollack seems to think he knows so much about the world and its inhabiting cultures and yet only the ignorance of prejudice shines through in his elitist ranting.

Mr. Pollock, you do not defend Tower Classical, but you separate a witty, intelligent, funny and often thought-provoking group of people from another, all in the name of your favorite music, and in the process disrespect most of the other art that has helped shape the world around you. The staff of the Lincoln Park Tower Records/ Video/ Books include some of the most interesting, if not beautiful human beings that I know. It was the current head of the classical department that hired me a year and a half ago when he was in a position to do so (thanks, Jeff!).

I am currently the music video and laser disk buyer in the “shit music department” and don’t care whether or not you like my/our music because it’s not for you. Do not, however, inflict your pinheaded opinions about us upon everyone else, especially those who don’t want to be a part of your obviously culturally homogenized existence. Maybe you’re afraid that when you see us with our piercing and tattoos, spiked, colored or dreadlocked hair or T-shirts saluting ARTISTS like Skinny Puppy and Funkadelic, you see who’s gonna inherit your small world when you’re 85 with drool running down the side of your walker. Maybe you’re afraid that we might have our shit together better than you.

It’s one planet Mr. Pollack and you have NO choice but to share it with me. I ain’t goin’ nowhere. . so fuck you.

Billy T. with the dreads

Music Video Buyer

Tower Chicago