Dear Reader:

OK, I give. Hitsville psychologist Bill Wyman is right: sports are evil. Just look, as Wyman has [June 24], at what playing football has done to O.J. Simpson. Never mind that Simpson hasn’t strapped on a helmet in nearly 15 years, he clearly is representative of the athletes of the world.

Kurt Cobain killed himself while high on heroin, but as Wyman wants us to know, that’s just one of those little speed bumps on the road of rock creativity. Cobain couldn’t have handled somebody in a position of authority and respect offering him good, stern advice. Nah. After all, he had fellow junkie, er, wife, Courtney Love to guide him. And there was all that advice he could get from those other great Seattle band members, people like Stefanie Sargent of 7 Year Bitch or Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone. Huh? They’re dead, too, of overdoses? Darn.

One of Cobain’s problems was increasing friction with Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic. Cobain should have solved that by using the bassist from Hole, his wife’s band. Her name is Kristen Pfaff, and . . . what? She OD’d on smack two weeks ago?

Well, nevermind. Rockers are artists. They need no guidance. But beware those World Cup soccer players. Thanks for setting us straight, Dr. Wyman.

Rick Telander

Sports Nut