In response to T. Miller’s August 5th letter in which he or she assails cartoonist Heather McAdams for failing to include the Paul Bunyan restaurant in her gallantly jam-packed two page double-truck travel issue cartoon entitled “Hester Duzz Da Dells” [July 1], I’d like to say: If T. Miller spent more time on his or her own art (“I can draw about as good as Heather . . .”) and less time criticizing the cartoonists in his or her local free paper, maybe T. Miller would be in Europe right now like Heather is, drawing her way around the world.

And boy I sure do miss her.

Her fun loving husband,

Chris Ligon

PS: We went to the Paul Bunyan restaurant and found you couldn’t just go in for a donut and coffee. You had to shell out $7.50 for an “all you can eat” sausage, bacon, and bone-in-ham breakfast, hardly a way to start a breezy active day in the Dells, especially if you’re a vegetarian, which I doubt T. Miller is based on his or her highly aggressive writing style.

PPS: Oh, one more thing and then I’ll end this; T. Miller chided Heather for only giving credence to the “most obvious establishments, which one would have to be blind not to see.” Well then how would he or she describe a restaurant that has a 50-foot man with an ax standing in the parking lot next to a blue ox? Subtle?

PPPS: I think T. Miller is a man. Sorry, C.L.