To the editor,

Ted Shen’s article about the history of classical music broadcasting in Chicago [March 12] has just reached me by a circuitous route. I was an employee of ‘NIB for several years in the 1970s and commend Mr. Shen on the accuracy of his dates and places. The degree of hostility between ‘NIB and ‘FMT was not sufficiently conveyed. In the 70s, pre-‘KZN acquisition, ‘NIB’s employees and owners were making less than your average busboy. Snide remarks would appear in the papers about ‘NIB from ‘FMT staffers or groupies. We would hear from advertisers and potential advertisers of untruths about our broadcast area, quality of our signal, etc, the source of which was once again ‘FMT staffers or groupies. This was when ‘FMT was operating out of sumptuous offices and paying themselves sumptuous salaries. Then the first of the radio-station brokers started coming around trying to buy the station. The first offer I remember was in the $60 million range. Bill and Sonia not only did not accept the offer, they laughed at it. Jack Minkow thinks the Florians will be the first to sell. If they did not accept a $60 million offer when they were broke, I think it is highly unlikely they will accept an $80 million offer now that they are driving Volvos and BMW motorcycles. I’m betting they will hang on to ‘NIB long enough to bury ‘FMT. And then they will dance on the grave.

Curt Huff

Las Vegas