We were very happy to see the article on Gary Stochl [“Hot Shot,” November 26], whose work very much impressed us when we saw it at the opening to his one-man show at Gallery Chicago. We immediately recognized the fact that we were confronted by very important work and set about interviewing him in depth for over an hour for our radio show on WZRD 88.3 FM at Northeastern Illinois University. For the record, we aired it in its entirety two days later.

Gary was very thoughtful in his responses because it was important to him to put his work in context. Since it was his first interview, he was a little uneasy and reticent in the beginning but warmed up to it as the interview progressed. It most likely was also disconcerting to him (as it was surprising to us) that three or four people were almost constantly videotaping us in the process of interviewing him for the radio. We are happy to see his burgeoning success.

Effie Mihopoulos and Yahale Yadede

N. Saint Louis