Dear Sirs:

In the October 14 Hitsville column, Bill Wyman shows blatant ignorance of the concert touring industry by wondering if the Rolling Stones were “fudging the capacity [of Soldier Field] so they could pat themselves on the back for undeserved sellouts,” and pointing out that some Soldier Field shows prior to the Stones’ performance had much larger turnouts than the maximum capacity given for the Stones show.

What Wyman doesn’t seem to understand about stadium tours is that the seating capacity for a given concert is going to be greatly affected by the size and placement of the stage area. Naturally, the bigger the stage, the less space there is for seating–and it is well known that the Stones carry a huge stage when they tour. Also–for obvious reasons pertaining to sight lines–the seats behind the stage area are not always sold. And increasing the size of the stage can mean more seats behind the stage and around the wings of the stage that can’t be sold.

Mr. Wyman, I say this to you personally: If you are going to run exposes on artists you don’t like, the least you can do is investigate a little more thoroughly!

Pat McCarthy

N. Magnolia

Bill Wyman replies:

While I thank Pat McCarthy for writing, it’s only fair to note that I did quote someone from Jam Productions explaining that the venue capacity varies from tour to tour.