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To the editors:

Why is it that your “writer” Bill Wyman is wasting time and space on reviews of other journals? And even more irritating, why is it that he is using his position as the local moron-columnist to write about other writers? (In his latest article dated 11/6/92, he spends 80 percent of the first page blathering about the Trib and Sun-Times, and the various writers of those papers.)

He is so condescendingly smug about his opinions (I’m sure the editors and the writers of the two dailies hang on to his every word. Do they call him before they make any major decisions?) that he must not realize how much of an ass he is.

I can only say that the Chicago Reader must be very impressed with his inane stories, and the sophomoric and pompous style in which they are written. So much so that you allow him to waste valuable column space on personal attacks.

I have seen several articles where he nitpicks at my sister Jae-Ha Kim, a writer for Chicago Sun-Times, while gushing at any other writer whose name he can remember.

In the article of 11/6, his major beef against my sister was that she used the word “dichotomy” twice in two articles. So what? Her usage of the word was correct in both cases.

He never told the readers why he felt like this deserved attention. Maybe he had a snit because he had to look up the word–both times?

I’ll nitpick as this “writer” has been doing.

Nitpick mode on.

In the first paragraph of Wyman’s article on 11/6/92, he writes, “Kot has single-handedly revivified the paper’s music writing . . . ”

Revivified? Wow, that impressed the hell out of me. I hope everybody else was impressed, too. Especially those at any major newspaper who might want to hire this pathetic person.

At any rate, what exactly is he trying to say? Did Kot improve the music writing for everybody on the paper, or did he revive the music writing of the paper just by improving his stories so much–in spite of the mindless slop the other writers put out.

Nitpick mode off.

Gee, now that I’ve shown I can put out this type of tripe, can I have a column on your paper, too?

What I’d really like to know is why this vendetta against my sister? Since I’ve never met him, nor anybody who’s treated him, the only thing I can think of is that he is a very insecure person who is extremely jealous that he can’t write for a major newspaper. And the wimp he is, maybe he singles out my sister because she is a lady who’s not likely to punch him.

I’d think a lot more of him as a person if he’d just tell my sister what the problems are, face to face, instead of being so two-faced and hiding behind his column. I understand that he acts like a fawning puppy when he does actually see my sister at concerts.

J. Kim

Boise, Idaho