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Somebody please tell me who exactly Ann Marie Lipinski is maligning when she says, “I can imagine a very gifted writer successfully executing a Tribune story about…toxic language used to describe and disparage women. That’s not the story we got. [The C-word story] was an effort unworthy of our readers.”

Surely she’s not referring to Lisa Bertagnoli, who by all accounts is one of the best freelancers in the city. Bertagnoli’s thoughtful, well-written contributions to the Tribune stand as their own record of her talent, and her onetime contribution to my own publication resulted in an award for my magazine this year.

Lipinski’s cheap shot unfairly impugns Bertagnoli’s character and efforts, as the C-word story was not only not offensive–yes, Ms. Lipinski, quite a few copies actually made it to the street despite your draconian efforts to stop it–but also lived up to the standards of any thoughtful reader who appreciates the etymology of words. Too bad Lipinski didn’t pin blame for the WomanNews debacle on the editor who accepted the story, replaced the original headline with a sensational one, and then sent the work on to typesetting.

Bertagnoli possesses a proven track record of meticulously researched, handily written stories and deserved far better treatment from a top editor at the Tribune.

Jennifer Hicks

Executive editor,

Foodservice Equipment Reports