Shame on Chicago. The sorry truth of inaction and looking the other way during Chicago’s own Abu Ghraib excesses in the 1980s and ’90s has been meticulously exposed by the special prosecutors’ recent report [Hot Type, July 28].

However, equally shameful is the inability of our criminal justice system to prosecute some 70 cases where the detailed evidence suggests horrific abuse.

To top it off is the shame of our tax dollars paying Mr. Burge a monthly pension of over $3,400. There is plenty of shame to go around, which includes several currently serving city officials, and Chicago must live with that. However, the City Council could take action to terminate the pensions of those persons deeply implicated in these abuses, an action that would acknowledge belatedly the disgrace of our city. This small symbolic act of contrition would be better than nothing at all.

Martin Deppe

N. Richmond