To the editors.

I enjoyed the letter George W. Price wrote in the January 29 issue, about the effect on the CTA of the possible privatization of the streets and expressways [“Can You Get There From Here?,” December 11]. He notes that a private expressway company should pay its fair share of taxes. An interesting effect of privatization is that with the users paying for transportation services and the elimination of subsidies, taxes for everyone could be lower. Any government service could be privatized: the post office, garbage collection, education, police, courts, and even health care. The efficiencies of the market would in each case provide better, more responsive service and lower taxes. The biggest remaining part of the government is its charity business. If the government’s practice of taking tax money and giving it to those it feels are deserving were done in exactly the same way by a charitable organization, using voluntary donations, the overhead alone would make the operation an illegal fraud. If the reduction in taxes I am talking about happened, the windfall would allow private citizens to provide for the deserving needy, and serve them better as well.

I could go on a at length about how stopping the government can work

wonders, but I want to keep this brief. Interested readers could get a free information packet from the Libertarian Party by calling 800-682-1776.