To the editors,

Please correct the statement that Casablanca is the new owner of Trax [“The Home of House,” August 20]. That is erroneous. They are partners with us, Rachael Cain and Larry Sherman, in a joint venture.

To all concerned, I really enjoyed parts of the article, and I’m glad that you chose to write about Trax in the Reader. Some of the great tongue-in-cheek-styled comments about things like the poor quality vinyl on early releases was accurate, and your graphic description about the kid playing with a record in a sandbox made me laugh like hell! That said, I still feel that I must comment on several other statements. You wrote that the best house music is no longer made in Chicago. Really? Then where is it made? That statement is your opinion only, and you are just one reviewer. If you feel that way, fine, but how dare you make such a blanket statement? Why not write using the preface “in my opinion”? In my opinion, that statement is pure bullshit, and many people all over the world will agree with me! I just wish they would all take time out of their busy schedules to tell you so.

Then you also declared that the DJ International catalog had more hits and was better quality music. That is your opinion. What facts, including sales figures, do you have to back up that statement? I agree that DJ International had great songs, but better than Trax? DJ International is long gone, and Trax is still standing. That fact would suggest that our house had a much stronger foundation.

Mr. Matos, who made you a house music specialist, what are your qualifications? Are you from Chicago, the true home of house? Why didn’t you at least call Trax, as our publicist (Andy Reynolds) suggested? It might not have changed your opinion, but at least you’d know how we feel, what we’re up to, and that Casablanca is not the new owner. I am just as entitled to my opinions as you are, and I hope that you print them.

Rachael Cain

aka Screamin’ Rachael

President of Trax Records

Michaelangelo Matos replies:

I’m sorry about the Casablanca mix-up. However, the idea that you have to be from Chicago to understand or like house music is hilarious.