To the editors:

Well it’s nice to see that some people are still living in the 19th century. Mike Miner’s comments about Chicago being the center of his universe [Hot Type, January 3] is refreshing. I did not know that he was a member of the flat-earth society.

In this 21st century world of high speed computers and satellite uplinks and 24 hour cable newscasts it’s nice to see a column written with a quill pen. It just shows how far we really have come since the dawn of time, which seems to be just yesterday in Miner’s Head.

I believe that the Eastern Time Zone will continue to push further west and that it should go to the Mississippi River and align with the Canadians’ line for the Eastern Time Zone. Mike Miner is just living on his little midwest island hoping progress will go away so that he can still watch Ted Koppel at 10:30. Oh I just realized that the nine inch black and white Du Mont TV that Mike is watching must be powered by methane gas from all the Bull S___ that he is pumping.

Mike, I hope years from now you will explain to your children that it was your stubborn, self-centered, egotistical opinion that held Chicago back from being a more happy and sunny place. Will you then publicly apologize to all of Chicago for holding back progress and the additional sunshine we all could have had? Probably not. I think all you writers do is stay in your little rooms all night long and type.

It would have been nice to enjoy more sunlight a few years earlier but thanks to Mike, progress will just have to take a back seat to Ted Koppel, the Sun-Times and his view that Chicago is the center of the Universe.

Mike try this test: Go to any sports bar where they play softball and ask if they would rather have more after work sunlight or watch Ted Koppel?

Would it be too much to ask what is the address for Peterson’s group so that some of us may make contact with intelligent life?

Robert Reinholt

W. Winona