To the editors:

If Peter Dominowski thinks having one’s radio dial permanently tuned to WFMT is extremely rare, then he apparently doesn’t have much of a handle on the listeners [June 22]. Nearly everyone I knew that listened to WFMT did so just about all the time, and none of us thought it the least bit unusual that nobody ever changed the station. I had a tuner that sat on 98.7 MHz for so many years that when a stranger tried to change the station, the dial wouldn’t turn! I also knew a guy who installed a switch on his tuner which would allow him to select a 98.7 MHz crystal so he could get WFMT instantly after somebody else had messed with the dial. I used to get 2 copies of WFMT Perspective and, later, Chicago Magazine so I could have a copy of the program listings in the car as well as at home.

Those are only a couple of examples of what WFMT fans are like and there are scores more stories of their legendary loyalty. They really love that station and when CETA starts meddling with the format that’s like having Earl Scheib restore the Mona Lisa. Until CETA gave us canned jingles and Jay Andres, there wasn’t any need to change the station!

I can appreciate CETA’s desire to milk more cash from the cow, and to do so means they need to bring in more money. Listeners might be willing to chip in some cash to help with “shortfalls” if they think the money is going to WFMT and not to CETA or WTTW . . . an assurance not currently available to the listeners.

Sam H. Grayson

N. Magnolia