To the editors:

In the past I always pretty much believed what your paper printed. I guess this was because I knew nothing, for the most part, about the subjects I was reading about. Well, now that I’ve read your latest cover article on skinheads [March 24] my opinion has drastically changed. This article is so completely off base that I am doubting if there was much truth in the previous articles I have read in your paper.

Most of these skinheads you talk about I have known for years, though I don’t consider any of them “friends.”

Your article makes them sound like some kind of romantic folk heroes, single-handedly holding back the throes of naziism in America. It’s disgusting. In reality they’re mostly a bunch of stupid young kids looking for somewhere to belong. Did you ever wonder why they “win” so many fights? It’s because every time someone pisses them off, four or five of them jump that ONE person and beat the shit out of them. It’s exactly this behavior that has gotten them banned from most nightclubs in the city.

You describe Dwayne Thomas as charming and charismatic, while he brags how he’s never been convicted.

When I think of Dwayne, the word sleazy comes to mind. He’s the kind of person I wouldn’t let in my house for fear he’d leave with half my valuables.

Your description of the stabbing incident is completely ridiculous. Especially to suggest that the guy who was stabbed was there to “mix it up” or pick up nazi women. Didn’t they teach you in journalism school to get the whole story before you print it? But, of course Dwayne is awfully charismatic and if that’s the way he said it happened, then that must be the way it happened, right?! You people make me sick.

You talk about “Mature” skins; that’s a real good one. I’ve never met any.

“All the cool” the name skinhead implies? Implies to whom? Themselves maybe. Some stupid little kids who decided they were cool after reading your article. That’s about it.

If these skins are so cool and mature, why don’t they know that you don’t solve the nazi problem by beating up guys. You can fight nazis in your everyday behavior and that hurts them worse because then they don’t get all the attention and publicity and that’s what they want.

It’s like just because these skins are against nazis you excuse all the wrong things they do and that’s BULLSHIT! WHO ISN’T AGAINST FUCKING NAZIS! Being anti-nazi doesn’t give you an excuse for being an asshole.

That’s all I have to say. I hope next time you’ll find out the real story before you print it.

Unsigned for various reasons