For two weeks in a row you’ve printed letters detracting Linda Lutton’s excellent piece, “Will Development Bury the Barrio?” [April 24]. I’m sick of hearing these morons with their oversimplified, jingoistic, conservative arguments. Is protesting a $500 million taxpayer subsidy of yuppie development at the expense of longtime city residents really getting in the way of “free enterprise”? “Free enterprise” means allowing market forces to act naturally, not artificially accelerating them through government handouts like TIFs. If there are no “free lunches” for the poor anymore, why should Daley’s real estate buddies get them? Why don’t these big-time real estate developers “pick themselves up by their bootstraps” and stop asking the city for money? Why do detractors of government-funded antipoverty programs cry so much when people protest the government’s subsidizing of luxury real estate development?

Brian Mier

W. 19th