To the editors:

Thank you very much for the publicity you gave our Naperville Sun in your recent article on Pat Colander and Copley’s lust over our market [Hot Type, January 15].

We would like to correct some slight errors in the story. Naperville, the largest city in Du Page County, now has over 75,000 citizens–not the 25,000 you indicated in your story. The Sun is not bulk-mailed, but is second-class mailed to a “paid in advance” subscriber list. If you want to write about us and our fine city, you really should visit us first.

We welcome attempts such as Copley’s to try and cash in on our market. The type of sheets that are being produced are blatantly designed to reap advertising dollars for the publishers and, whether they are shoppers or shoppers disguised as newspapers, they are falling by the wayside because they do not attempt to put anything back into the market they are taking from.

A bundle-dropped advertising vehicle produced out of Wheaton and printed in Elgin shows that Copley is not willing to devote the time, effort and staff necessary to produce a quality, Naperville-oriented newspaper like the Sun. For many years Copley attempted to make Napervillians think that the product they produce in Aurora was a “local” newspaper.

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you really shouldn’t be too flattered until you have had a chance to see Copley’s Naperville product.

John R. Herrmann

General Manager

Sun Companies