Dear Mr. Miner:

I was sorry to read about the personal motivation behind Steve Neal’s editorial regarding Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and Studs Terkel’s review of the Ayers book [Hot Type, September 28], but it was still very important and very relevant for Neal to mention Terkel’s opinion that this book is “a deeply moving elegy to all those young dreamers who tried to live decently in an indecent world.” There is nothing dreamy or decent about bombs. The fact that Ayers and the rest of the Weatherman group only managed to kill a few of their own does not make bombs an acceptable form of protest. Studs Terkel has done a lot of good work but he went over the line with the statement above. The NY Times article (9/11/01 by Dinita Smith) describes Ayers’s summation of the Weatherman philosophy as “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents!” Ms. Dohrn, after the Manson murders, said to an SDS open meeting, “Dig it! Manson killed those pigs.” Ayers, commenting on the above, says he doesn’t remember saying these words “but it’s been quoted so many times I’m beginning to think I did.” Dohrn claims she was “just joking.” The joke is on me and you and everyone else in this country. After going underground for many years, the pair surfaced–Ayers got away with the bombing of the Pentagon, even though extensive damage to property occurred. Dohrn paid a $1,500 fine and got three years probation. Anybody reading the NY Times should have been sickened–even before the WTC attack! A few more quotes and I think everybody would be feeling “mucky/clammy.” Studs got caught with foot in his mouth. Steve Neal did us a favor. One last comment–you might want to read the 9/21/01 Wall Street Journal article by Irish novelist Frederick Forsyth regarding Irish-American support for the terrorist activity in Northern Ireland. Makes me wonder how much the Chicago Irish community has contributed to the many deaths in that terrorist hellhole.

Gregory Mack

N. Sandburg Terrace