Dear Sirs,

It seems Dan Savage wants to live up to his name by writing an article [“Swingers: A Love Story,” October 18] on slimy sexual practices which at the same time cleverly slanders a group whose beliefs oppose his, the Orthodox Jews. For starters there is no proof the promiscuous couple he describes exists, although he goes into great detail to present his creation as Orthodox Jews.

Taking a lesson from the Nazi newspaper from the 30s, Der Sturmer, he paints a very large word picture describing two immoral, hypocritical, lying, manipulative people who want him to know these practices are not at all contrary to what Orthodox Jews believe and act on. Anyone as immersed in Orthodox Jewish life as the couple he describes would know the behavior described is in total opposition to Jewish religious beliefs in general and Orthodox Jewish beliefs in particular. No Orthodox Jew would bring shame to their community by agreeing to endorse such behaviors in an interview.

Orthodox Judaism teaches self-discipline over one’s passions, thru word and deed. The divine origin of the commandments results in a morally and mentally healthier life for individuals and their community.

Totally in opposition to this way of thinking, Savage’s article has the stink of destructive evil coming from it.

D. Margraf