Dear Reader:

In the June 27 issue there was an item on Joe Royer [Calendar] that mentioned something about Mr. Royer viewing the Calumet River near 49th and the Stevenson Expressway, as well as an adjacent power plant.

The Calumet River is located on Chicago’s east side, approximately ten miles from the site in question. There is a power plant located near the Calumet River at 103rd and Lake Michigan.

The body of water seen by Mr. Royer near the Stevenson is the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. The power plant located near the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal is the Crawford Station, located at approximately 35th and Pulaski, just north of I-55.

Just wanted to let you know residents of the southwest side read and enjoy the Reader :).


Mike Walsh

Director of Public Relations

De La Salle Institute

Patrick Z. McGavin replies:

Sorry about that. Joe Royer says that “anonymous south-side sources” misled him into thinking he was looking at the Calumet. I should have double-checked.