Dear Sir or Madam:

I have to admit that Jack Helbig’s assessment of Dave Awl’s show Talking to Myself [April 25] as an autobiography is correct…but it’s my autobiography. Contrary to what Helbig thinks, Dave’s show was not self-servingly obsessive. If it was, he could not have so exquisitely exposed the common truths about our inner voices.

Dave is a white, urban, gay male artist. I am a Hispanic, middle-aged, straight woman from the suburbs. My husband is a construction guy, Purdue-engineer type. We loved the show.

Helbig’s review describes the show we were hoping not to see. Instead Talking to Myself was a clever, original, and intelligent discourse on inner dialogues–not about Dave at all, really, but about me and my husband and you and everyone who had the good fortune to see the show. I really feel that I am more truly “the Public” than Jack Helbig–so here goes my Helen Reddy imitation: The show is great! I am Public, hear me roar!

Yolanda Stoffregen

Miller Beach, Indiana