On p. 30 [“Sex and Transsexuals,” December 12] Rodkin writes, “McCloskey and several other transsexuals have complained about Bailey to Northwestern officials…and in November they persuaded the university to investigate charges that Bailey didn’t get informed consent.” The remainder of that paragraph is unrelated to that sentence, and never again in the article is that followed up on. Where is the rest of that important and vital story, including the allegation that he had sex with a research subject, which is reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s December 12, 2003, issue?

Rodkin writes about persons involved in Bailey’s book with many details. But nowhere is there any information about Bailey’s understanding of female-to-male transgendered people. Doesn’t that too seem like a big gap in this story?

Rita Mendelsohn


Dennis Rodkin replies:

The investigation is not public, and all information is being withheld until it’s concluded. J. Michael Bailey says plainly in his book that his topic is male-to-female crossers. Female-to-male transsexuals are neither part of his book nor part of the controversy.