Hello Peter!

Just curious…have you ever actually SEEN or HEARD the band HELLO DAVE [Post No Bills, June 20]? They are as far from “unoriginal” as one can get without pounding rocks together for the sake of entertainment.

Every performance of Hello Dave is filled with inspiring, uplifting, poetic, and ORIGINAL music that moves audience members through a gamut of emotions. They are truly one of the few originals left on the scene and create an atmosphere of fun at every show.

I would have to guess that some of your writing is designed to solicit “gripes” from readers. Why else would you categorize Hello Dave as a “cover band”? Perhaps it is just your way of provoking fans to gripe so that you might have something more to write about.

I am not about to question your journalistic integrity, but please keep in mind what has happened to some reporters recently who did not do their due diligence, research, and homework. The journalism industry has suffered enough from ill-begotten facts. Where do you stand?

Of course, this is just one man’s opinion.

Be safe,

Jim Reincke

Salem, Illinois