I want to thank you for your well-written piece “How I Learned to Hate the War” [September 30].

I was in the army from 1997 through 2001 and was lucky enough to be discharged from active duty before the start of either the Afghanistan or Iraq war. I was a psychological operations specialist while in the military, and I’m familiar with what “Jake” describes in his account. Although unlike “Jake,” I was fortunate to have seen these problems coming and was able to position myself so that I would not be called up for either conflict. This is the first article that I’ve read since the start of the war that not only sums up my personal feelings and experience, but also validates the accounts that I hear all too often from friends returning from Iraq.

I find that my own views of the war are met with hostility from quite a few people and suspect that this article will cause some stir. I applaud you for putting this piece out; it’s good to know that there are people outside of my own circle that share a similar view of the events happening in Iraq. Much thanks.