To the editors:

We were very pleased to see a discussion of open adoption in Bryan Miller’s “Babies Wanted” (5/12/89). Unfortunately, the article contains some misinformation.

Specifically, I must correct Ms. Miller’s statement, “If they want an open adoption . . . they must adopt privately.” This is simply not true. Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) has been assisting with open adoptions for ten years. There are other agencies who have been involved even longer. Of the approximately 60 to 70 adoption placements made annually by LSSI’s North Side Office alone, 70% are open.

LSSI, a licensed child placement agency, provides assistance in open, private, legal risk, international, and special needs adoptions. Agency assisted private adoptions offer the following advantages to all involved in the process: 1) the birth mother is assured unpressured counseling by trained professional social workers, 2) for the protection of the child, adoptive parents are screened for appropriateness, and 3) the adoptive family is provided with on-going supportive services.

Further, to adopt a child through LSSI you do not have to prove infertility, meet any kind of religious requirements, or be childless.

LSSI is committed to protecting the rights of children, birth parents and adoptive parents. Our goal is to make adoption a happy new beginning for all concerned.

Roger Arnholt

Executive Director

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

Bryan Miller replies:

I have already apologized for my erroneous statement [May 26], and I very much wish I had known about LSSI’s policies. However, it should be pointed out that my three telephone calls to their office seeking information all went unreturned, at which point I gave up.

Meanwhile, I have learned an important lesson about making flat-footed statements, and will be extremely careful about them in future.